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Keep your smile healthy and beautiful with the oral care products BIODENT! BIODENT products give full antibacterial and fluoride protection, they strengthen and protect the gums and provide fresh breath. Besides that, BIODENT offers soothing when dealing with different oral probems like bleeding of gum, inflammations, tartar or bad breath. Toothpastes and other products under the collective name Biodent effectively help keeping your smile healthy and beautiful.
Regular tooth brushing prevents the appearance of plaque and tartar, the main cause of caries and gum disease (paradontopathy). Clinical tests prove that proper dental cosmetics and regular tooth brushing are of key importance for the preservation of healthy teeth and gums. All BIODENR products contain the herbal complex with chamomile, sage, balm, rosemary and hamamelis.


Biovent ustna voda z ognjicem

The BIODENT mouthwash with calendula is an excellent choice for fighting caries, bacteria and bleeding of gum.

Biodent ustna voda 250mlThe herbal mouthwash with the typical herbal complex with chamomile, sage, balm, rosemary and hamamelis soothes inflammations of the mouth cavity.

Biodent ustni sprej 15ml

A practical breath spray for breath refreshment, ensuring long-lasting freshness of breath.

Biodent zobna krema HERBAL 75ml

The toothpaste with herbal complex has the power of herbs for healthy and strong gums. It offers full fluoride protection against dental caries, as well as vitamin care and natural protection of gums.