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The 48 anti-bacterial gel is an effective prophylaxis against bacterial diseases. 

It is available in a larger packaging with a practical pump for home or office use (500 ml). The gel absorbs quickly and leaves the skin dry. It has a nice menthol scent. The hand-sanitizer is appropriate for use at all ages.Diseases can get caused by bacteria or viruses. Bacteria and viruses are most often transmitted by hands from where they get near the nose, the mouth and the eyes. For an effective self-protection against infections the hygiene of hands has a crucial meaning. That means regular hand washing with water and soap that takes up to two minutes. Often we do not have the chance to wash our hands because there is no bathroom or toilet near by. In such cases, a hand sanitizer is the best solution. The advantage of hand-sanitizers is that it destroys bacteria and not only removes it mechanically. Besides that often hand washing with soap dries out the skin and with chapped skin the danger of getting infected is even bigger.

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