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The 48 antibacterial spray is intended for disinfecting hands, objects, and even cutlery. 

The 5 l packaging is a refill for dispensers and spray cap bottles. This disinfectant absorbs quickly and does not leave a greasy residue on the hands or other objects.By using disinfectant, you prevent microorganisms from spreading and minimise the possibility of infection.

The 48 antibacterial spray provides effective protection from bacterial and viral diseases. Most bacteria and viruses are transferred by touch, from the hands to areas around the nose, mouth, and eyes. To defend yourself from infection, the hygiene of your hands and the objects you touch frequently is essential. It is recommended to wash your hands regularly with water and soap and clean frequently used objects with a dedicated detergent. However, it is often not possible to wash your hands. Similarly you can't always be sure how clean the objects you come into contact with really are. In these cases, the 48 disinfectant for hands and objects is the best choice. An important advantage of 48 antibacterial spray is that it kills the bacteria rather than just physically removing it.

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