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Cleaning used to be an energy demanding task, nowdays we can do half the job by choosing the right cleansers. The brand ČISTO offers a range of multi-purpose cleansers in excellent quality, so cleaning becomes a much easier job to do.


Odstranjevalec loscil cisto

Removes timeworn floor coats. It also cleans stains efficiently. Available in 750 ml size.

odst loscil

Cleans textile linings and floor coverings, carpets and upholstery. Available in 750 ml size.


You can use it to clean glass, TV screens and computer monitors, kitchen fittings and other washable surfaces.


Cleans and protects polished and varnished wooden surfaces and ultrapas. Available in 250 ml size and 500 ml with sprayer or as refill.


Removes grease and grease stains and cleans kitchen dirt. It is suitable for cleaning all kitchen surfaces,


Cleans tiles, washbasins, bidets, toilets, bath tubs and drains. It removes the build-up of limescale and other stains.