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Ilirija has long been a partner of other established companies, a recognised manufacturer of products under other brand names for supermarket chains and other companies alike, as well as a valued and successful distributer. In these business relationships as in all other areas, we stick to our quality guidelines and present Ilirija as a company with extensive experience and tradition that allows us to react quickly and adapt to any new task or challenge.

TANGLE TEEZER is the famous, professional, detangling hairbrush. So impressive are the results, that it took the hair and beauty industry by storm overnight. TANGLE TEEZER is an innovation in hair care that gently and effortlessly detangles your hair with no pain. The founder, Shaun P, realised there was a calling for a new detangling hair tool that didn’t fight or lock in tangles.The answer was in specifically spaced and designed teeth.Four years in the making, the new generation of hairbrush was born.